Rock out with me this Fall!

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GUYS! I’m so excited to be playing out in the next few months. Check the Upcoming Shows page for details, but I’ll be at Hailey’s in Metuchen AND Paragon in Clark not once, but TWICE happy birthday song download! These restaurants are family-friendly and so am I. I love playing a mix of rock and pop from the 60s to today to please all the generations. (And yes, I will pull out the Disney tunes if I must!) Bring the fam, all your closest friends, or make it a date night powerpoint entwürfe kostenlosen. Either way, I look forward to seeing you!

I’m always happy to take requests and learn a new song, so if you have one, please drop me a line… but check out my song list first because maybe I already know it Download beautiful pictures for free!

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A Ukrainian fundraiser (or an Facebook live, you choose)

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Earthsongs, Metuchen, NJ – Saturday June 24 @ 2:30 – 4pm. I’m super excited to be a part of this event. Linda and her ceramics studio Earthsongs are celebrating their 30th anniversary herunterladen! What an accomplishment! In addition to celebrating a wonderful woman and all the art she has helped others create over the years, it is also a fundraiser for Ukraine, and I am honored to be able to entertain by playing an exclusive set of all Ukrainian music herunterladen. If you can’t attend in person, I am hoping to live stream at least part of my performance, but I can’t promise it will work the way I want it to lol pc game free. Be sure to follow me on Facebook and check in around 2:30 to get a glimpse!


My summer job as a year-long side-gig

Something you probably know about me is that I’m Ukrainian. Well, technically, I am Ukrainian, Hungarian and Czech, but I am most active in the Ukrainian-American community here on the east coast irc herunterladen. I’m active in my church community, I teach Ukrainian dance at my church’s school (in addition to music and art, of course), and I work at a Ukrainian dance camp for six weeks during the summer in the idyllic Shawangunk mountains in New York flugzeug spiele pc kostenlosen.

The Ukrainian community, both in Ukraine itself and across the globe, is a tight-knit community and we are able to easily enjoy and participate in cultural activities, buy Ukrainian products, find our favorite Ukrainian artists on YouTube and Spotify, and congregate at Ukrainian businesses and cultural centers double head.

For all of our abilities, however, and the ease with which we can engage in our culture, I have found a little gaping hole that I seem poised to be able to perfectly fill games app for free.

You see, when you’re a dance teacher, you’re practically a whole DJ on the side. You’re constantly looking through your CD collection (yes, almost every dance teacher I know still uses CDs, especially the Ukrainian dance teachers) for the perfect piece of music for the exercise, combo or choreography you want to create for your students hoe ebook And while there are quite a few resources for full dances, there are almost zero resources for a Ukrainian dance class. And that is where I come in.

At my summer job, I accompany ballet and character classes at a Ukrainian dance class. What I do for my ballet classes is akin to what you would find from Joey McNamara or Nate Fifield (look them up on Spotify for a relaxing change of pace), in addition, of course, to the classical ballet music one would expect in a serious dance class. I have plenty of sheet music resources, from my own music collection and sheet music I can purchase online.

For my character classes on the other hand… All of that music comes directly out of my own head and heart. I have two primary sources for sheet music: A small songbook I found in my grandfather’s collection after he passed away, and my own musical mind. If I don’t have the music already written out, I transcribe it from any old recordings I can get my hands on.

So in addition to the 20 million OTHER things that I do all year long, I realized that I have to answer this calling to fill this void. So I started a Patreon….

Miss Anna’s Dance Music!

The point of Patreon is that I can create something – in this case, Ukrainian dance music recordings – and my patrons can help support me on my journey. Because contrary to popular belief, musicians can’t survive on “exposure” alone. Studio time costs money. Recording rights cost money. I’m doing a lot of work on my own, but to take it to the next level, I need the support of the people who already enjoy my music, or who just recognize the importance of what I’m trying to do.

For as little as $3 a month (I sound like PBS), you can support me on my quest. If you’re feeling extra generous, you can of course join a higher tier and give a little more each month, but for real – if you could “buy me a cup of coffee” each month and fuel my piano playing fingers, that would be more than enough to keep me on track!

So please visit the link above and support me if you can! Dyakoyu and thank you from the bottom of my little, musical, Ukrainian heart.

Facebook Live (and not so live)

Well the funny thing about finally creating a Facebook for all my gigs and music videos, is that once upon a time, the Miss Anna’s Music School Facebook Page was exactly that – my public page for gigs, music videos and music teaching related stuff kann keine bilder whatsapp herunterladen. Making the page today felt a lot like this…

I’ll bet Bernie would love coming to one of my shows lkw simulator pc kostenlos!

Well anyway, so here’s the plan. Go to my Facebook Page passwort tabelle herunterladen. Enjoy live music. Enjoy pre-recorded music. Enjoy funny music stories, memes and shares. Request songs. Generally, just be cool.

For starters, I’ve got four monthly gigs lined up at the coziest little place… my living room 7 wonders kostenlos downloaden. Join me on the last Sunday of each month for an hour of tunes in the afternoon. Pop me on and play me in the background as you enjoy a cozy cup of tea herunterladen. Or prop me up somewhere you can watch and make a ton of comments. It’s up to you! Remember, every time a poodle barks, it’s time to take a sip! Of what? That’s up to you!

See you on Facebook!

THANK YOU! And up next…

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Friends! Thanks so much for coming out to party with me at Hailey’s this past weekend! It was SUPER fun playing for you and you all looked like you had a pretty good time, too basisschrift zum herunterladen!

I’m looking forward to my next show on Saturday, Sept 12 at The Coffeehouse on Amboy Ave. in Edison. It’s seriously one of my favorite places to grab a coffee whether I’m taking it to go or am hanging around for a bit youtubeen online ddownr. Their pastries and desserts are tasty, their grilled cheese is EXCELLENT and the gelato is out of this world. For reals, their coffee might be some of the best in Middlesex county, if not all of central New Jersey itunesen windows 7 32 bit!

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And we’re back!

Hello, my friends! It’s been a wild few months and on top of that, quite a few years since the last time I really actively blogged here on my site 500 ps download kostenlos. I’ve recently gone through a bit of a major life change (pandemics and months of quarantine can have that effect, I guess), and I really look forward to sharing with you more often here on my blog snaptube herunterladen fehlgeschlagen.

this is jut a random fun picture of me in my favorite pajama pants museum org painting download. nbd.

In the meantime, I’ve already done plenty of writing so far that you can still browse through. Everything from my Star Wars/John Williams conspiracy theory (pretty certain he spoiled the ending of Episode 9 all the way back in Episode 7) to my volunteer trip to Ukraine a decade ago, and a lot of thoughts on music in between fiesta kostenlos downloaden. So feel free to scroll back through the archives if you’re bored.

Also please check out the new sections of my website – “Performing” and “Upcoming Gigs.” Getting back into playing live was something I was trying to do right when the virus hit NJ hard and everything shut down Diary for free. Some people might take that as a sign, but I am not some people. Now that businesses are opening back up again, I am looking forward to playing some local venues around NJ (have a local venue around NJ automatically series synology? let’s talk!). I’m practically built for that chill, outdoor on the patio on a laid back summer night kind of vibe! Check out the “Performing” tab for a short playlist – an amuse-bouche for your ears, if you will. Enjoy!

Coincidence or spoiler?

Not a lot of people know this, but in addition to being a super busy music teacher and music business owner, in my spare time (I have it!), I’m also an extreme Star Wars nerd. Go ahead, ask me who my favorite Star Wars character is. You’ll never guess. Or maybe you will.

It’s John Williams.

John Williams created not just the soundtrack to the Skywalker saga (and countless other movies) but the soundtrack to mine, and I’m sure, many other childhoods as well zdf heute app herunterladen. He’s created a rich and vast universe of music to pull from when scoring his Star Wars movies, from the original trilogy, the prequels, and now, finally, the sequel trilogy.

Say what you will about the final three movies, I personally feel that his music game was 100% on point. In these final films, he continued to create new, moving pieces as well as bring back some old familiar favorites to flesh out the story images from wordpress mediathek. In the process, he may have also given away an incredibly major plot point.

Or maybe it’s just a coincidence.


When “The Force Awakens” first came out, I picked up on this detail immediately and was surprised to not find one bit of commentary regarding it on the internet south park follow free download. So I thought, ok, maybe it’s just me. As I do with so many things, maybe I’m just overthinking it. And I didn’t really share my thoughts then. First of all, because if it turned out to be true, I didn’t want to be the one to spoil it, and second, if I was wrong, well, I just didn’t want to be another crazy fan theorist.  Even though I kind of am herunterladen.

However, whether John Williams meant to or not, he DID spoil a major plot point in The Rise of Skywalker. so let’s talk about it.

I’d like to bring your attention back to one of the few brief exchanges we see between Han and General Leia. It’s right after they meet for the first time amazon prime filme herunterladen android.

First, they talk about losing Ben to Snoke, and we hear Princess Leia’s theme (why they couldn’t put Han Solo and the Princess in there, I don’t know, but it’s fine, this is fine. We heard that theme when they were reunited anyway).

Then, as they talk about the aftermath, and how they both reacted, we hear Kylo Ren’s ominous theme lego dimensions inhalte herunterladen.

It’s this next part that gets very interesting.

Leia talks about redeeming Kylo. She says “we can still save him, me… you…” and as she says this, the familiar Force Theme plays.

Let’s stop here a minute. The Force Theme is only ever played in reference to Jedi and force users (obviously). During the original trilogy, it was a theme associated with Luke and Obi-Wan google play store für amazon-fire-tablets (apk) herunterladen. And because Han immediately brings up Luke, one might think that is why the sound cue is present. Except when you focus on their conversation, Leia reiterates the point that Han is the one who could save him, that Ben Solo is still in there somewhere.

Then they get interrupted and the scene ends.

Now. THAT FORCE THEME.  We don’t hear it because of Han, he’s not a force user kegelspiele kostenlos downloaden. Leia has a theme, Kylo has a theme – we just heard them. They mention Luke too briefly – Leia dismisses him basically the second Han suggests him. So, whether it is a coincidence or not, what one might extrapolate from the presence of this haunting melody during this conversation is that…

Han dvag online system.

And Leia.

Are going to be the ones to turn Kylo Ren back to the light so he can redeem himself to become Ben Solo once more.

Which, well, you know.


I think the correct answer is probably… herunterladen. a little bit of all three.

It’s the silence between the notes that makes the music

The “quote” which is the title to this blog post (and variations of it) can be attributed to a few people – from Mozart to Debussy to Miles Davis.  I could probably write a whole ‘nuther blog post just on this quote alone (and Davis’ variation: “Don’t play what’s there, play what’s not there.” Ah, that inspires me to jump up and run to my piano right now!), but that blog post is not for today teamviewer download kostenlos herunterladen.  No, actually, this blog post is in reference to an article I read on, of all places,  You can find it here: The Best Way to Use Breaks to be More Productive.

To summarize, breaks are important.  The article goes on to discuss the balance between how long you work and how much break time to take, and how best to spend a 5, 10, 15 or even 30 minute break at the office herunterladen.  It’s a really interesting article that you might want to read because you are an adult in my life, but what really strikes me is how this relates to being a musician, and also, how it relates to being a growing musician, like all of the kids I see each week.

Practicing is something that I spend a lot of time talking to my students about.  It’s not just my job to teach your children music, but to teach them the skills to sustain a lifelong love of music – and that includes being able to practice it regularly without the adults in their lives nagging at them about it windows 10 update nicht automatisch herunterladen.  Really – if I teach your child, go on and check out their manuscript book (I’ll wait).  In the last month or two, I’ve probably written not just praise on their improvements, but often general and sometimes incredibly specific strategies for how to practice a piece of music.

What I don’t really touch on in writing (though I guess it’s there if you read between the lines) is the importance of breaks.  For most of my students, we discuss the importance of a regular practice habit, how many times a week, how many minutes each time film at youtube.  The general rule for most of my students is somewhere from 4-5 days a week (why not 7? because I’m a realist and know that your child also has homework, projects, and a social life, not to mention the possibility of activities like sports and dance.  It’s not my job to set unrealistic and unattainable goals for your kids.  I want them to succeed, after all, and not feel like they are constantly playing catch up russische musiken kostenlos.  Anyway). But for any of my older students who can sit for more than 20 minutes at a time, breaks can be incredibly important.  Or maybe, giving students a break can help to inspire them to sit for longer than those 20 minutes.  Twenty multiplied by 2 is 40, and if my kids could practice for 40 minutes 4 times a week instead of 20, well, I don’t need to tell you how great that would be herunterladen.

At, the five minute breaks include preparing a snack, reading an article, giving yourself a hand or neck massage, and trying to solve a Rubrik’s cube.  You can read about the benefits of each in the infographic at the page (plus all the other kinds of breaks you can take), but I think these are the ones that work best for practicing musicians (of all ages), and take the least amount of adapting for younger players free download app.

Prepare a snack. This one is specifically for you parents.  You’re the grocery buyers in the house, and you know what your kids like.  Berries, leafy greens and nuts can boost brain function (Apples and cheese are great, too!).  Sounds like a PB&J break might be just the thing to break up a practice session, or break it down with fresh berries and raw shelled nuts herunterladen.  I happen to love cashews and pecans, and I’ve almost always got raspberries on hand, so I know what I’ll be reaching for when I go to practice later on.

Reading an article. Your kids might not be avid online readers with their own account, but if they do love to read (and I do, too!) let them pick up their latest favorite book to read a few pages or a whole chapter photo for free on Wednesday morning.

Hand or neck massage.  At this point, our kiddos are not really at the place in their musical development where stretching before, during or after practice is really necessary (though if they’re ever playing for 30 minutes or more non-stop it’ll be something we’ll talk about, especially if they stay serious about music in college), but something as simple as getting up for a bathroom break, getting a drink of water, playing a few games at Betwiz, or just stepping away from the piano for a few minutes is a good hand, body and brain break.

The Rubiks cube.  I know a kid who can solve this in under two minutes, or something really ridiculous like that.  You can also find videos of Rubiks cube genuises on youtube instrumental kostenlos.  Your child doesn’t need to be the next Rubiks prodigy, but a simple brain teaser or puzzle is a good way to stay focused and yet take a break all at the same time.

When I was in college, I definitely spent a lot of time in the practice room.  I also spent a lot of time wandering around outside the practice room, too, and I think both of these activities were equally important.  When I took my breaks from practicing, it was to do a lot of things that I mention here – bathroom/water breaks, snack breaks. Sometimes, yes, socializing breaks.  It’s impressive to say you spent two hours practicing a day, but if you spent an hour of that time spacing out or constantly repeating passages without making progress, you haven’t really accomplished much.  The time away from the instrument, when handled correctly, can become just as important as the time you spend looking at and playing music.

Another great article at covers how to spend a lunch break.  With a little creativity, you can adapt these ideas into habits for yourself and your kids, too!

What are some of your non-musical practice tips?  What is your favorite way to take a break from the music?  Leave a comment below!

Leitmotif Listening

Stuck inside all day in the snow?  No worries!  Spend some time with your favorite epic movie franchise and give it a closer listen.  You may be surprised at what you find wie facebook videoen.

With “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” breathing new life into the epic Star Wars series, I was recently inspired to do a lesson plan for my middle school students on the concept of leitmotif and how composer John Williams uses this technique to bring to life a galaxy far, far away google books seiten herunterladen.  This was a really fun lesson that engaged my students to the max – I’ve never seen the more attentive (even the non-Star Wars geeks).  I won’t go through all the listening examples with youtube video links here (if you’re having trouble pinpointing a specific theme, give me a shout out on Facebook!), but if you’d like to do the activity I outline later in this post, my handout from class will help you out stream for free.

So now that you’ll be stuck inside all day, peering out the window wondering when Luke and his Tauntaun are going to show up, you might want to pop in your favorite Star Wars movie to while away the hours minecraft kostenlos vollversion downloaden deutsch.  I’m a teacher, though, and I can’t suggest such a brainless activity without giving you something to enrich the experience.

1. Print out a few copies (the pdf is only one page) of my Leitmotif Listening Worksheet watch for pc.

2. Check out my class handout or the wikipedia page on the music of Star Wars to familiarize yourself with the various themes from the movies.  There are dozens you will recognize throughout the series and some you will hear only in one of the movies, so a little musical briefing before you dig in will be helpful brackets download kostenlos.

3. As you watch AND LISTEN to the movie, jot down notes on the themes you hear.  In the Leitmotif column, write the title of the theme.  Also notate if the theme appears in a different form (more drawn out, truncated, different instrumentation) from when it is originally introduced wizards unite ressourcen herunterladen.  Use the words motif or theme to help you differentiate between shorter and longer pieces of music.    Under the Action column, write a few short words on what is taking place on scene musik kostenlos herunterladen android.  For Emotions, write down what the characters might be feeling or what you as an audience member are experiencing during the scene.

4. Afterward, think about how the music adds to the action and the emotions of the scene hörbuch download mp3 kostenlos.  Or, discuss with friends!

If Star Wars isn’t your thing (I won’t hold it against you, I promise), another great series to do this exercise with is the Lord of the Rings trilogy herunterladen.  The music for these movies was composed by Howard Shore, and it is every bit as complex and intricate as the tapestry of Star Wars themes Williams has created.  If you do this with any other movie, beware, you will only have the best results for a franchise or series where the music was composed by the same person throughout (unfortunately, this rules out Harry Potter, but you can still analyze each movie as a standalone).

So, my friends and students, have at it!  If you plan on doing this activity today, or sometime soon, please leave me a note in the comments!  Or, join me on Facebook with any comments, questions or observations you may have.

Remembering Dean Drummond

It’s been a year, but I still have a hard time describing just how much Dean Drummond meant to me.  A year later, and his passing still touches me deeply panzerlied kostenlos downloaden.

Dean Drummond was just another one of my teachers in college.  I had taken classes with him, and I had been in his ensembles, and that may not sound like much herunterladen google traduction.   But to me and to a good handful of students like me, he was so much more than just a teacher.

Dean was in charge of the Harry Partch instruments, and beginning in the fall of 1999 (just like me) Dean and his unique group of instruments came to Montclair State University herunterladen.  Yes, we called them the Dr. Seuss instruments (go ahead and google the insane genius Harry Partch, I’ll wait), but those of us who got to know the instruments developed a strong love for both the instruments, the legend of Harry Partch and Dean himself outlook herunterladen mac.

When I tell you that Dean is the main reason why I remained at Montclair, it is not a lie or a stretch of the truth.  I could have studied music theory anywhere; there is only one college where a student could study on the Harry Partch instruments, and that’s at Montclair State University ebook op ipad.  I didn’t go there with Partch in mind, but this is one happy accident that I am most thankful for.

Even after I left Montclair, I was still happy to hear about the program flourishing wie kann man filme kostenlos herunterladen.   Dean once even assured me that the “Partch students continue to be the coolest students in the music school” (yes, that’s a direct quote from an email he once sent me) herunterladen.

To honor Dean’s memory, the university has so kindly decided to kick the instruments off campus.  Well, I guess I should be a little clearer music download for free austria.  It’s not like whomever makes these kinds of decisions sat down and said, “what’s the most insulting thing that we can do for a faculty member who has passed away?”  but that’s essentially what they have done, and I know I’m not the only one who is livid about this decision mp3 file.

However.  I’m not going to dwell.  At least, I’m not going to dwell on the negative.  Instead, here is a roundup of articles written about Dean, leading off with my favorite herunterladen.  The author, Elizabeth Brown, is a composer who wrote a few pieces for the Partch instruments.  It is my favorite of all the articles written in the last year because of her close ties with Dean.  They had a long and great working relationship, and the article is peppered with email correspondence between she and Dean.  I miss his humor.

You could, of course, read his obituary in the New York Times, or in the LA Times, or jump right to his wikipedia page. You could also have a listen to an episode of New Sounds that aired the Thursday after Dean passed last year.

One last thing I’m going to do, and I hope you will do as well, is visit this fundraiser on Indiegogo.  It’s not specifically for anything directly Dean related, but it’s for Partch, and Partch is what Dean devoted much of his musical career to.  There is a production of one of Partch’s bigger pieces, The Wayward, planned for Carnegie Hall, and they additionally are filming a documentary on the production as well.  It is my hope – and probably the hopes of many others – that this documentary will have a positive impact on the music education world, and the Partch instruments will find a new home where students can continue to learn about and explore the magical world of Partch.

It’s what Dean would have wanted.