Facebook Live (and not so live)

Well the funny thing about finally creating a Facebook for all my gigs and music videos, is that once upon a time, the Miss Anna’s Music School Facebook Page was exactly that – my public page for gigs, music videos and music teaching related stuff kann keine bilder whatsapp herunterladen. Making the page today felt a lot like this…

I’ll bet Bernie would love coming to one of my shows lkw simulator pc kostenlos!

Well anyway, so here’s the plan. Go to my Facebook Page passwort tabelle herunterladen. Enjoy live music. Enjoy pre-recorded music. Enjoy funny music stories, memes and shares. Request songs. Generally, just be cool.

For starters, I’ve got four monthly gigs lined up at the coziest little place… my living room 7 wonders kostenlos downloaden. Join me on the last Sunday of each month for an hour of tunes in the afternoon. Pop me on and play me in the background as you enjoy a cozy cup of tea herunterladen. Or prop me up somewhere you can watch and make a ton of comments. It’s up to you! Remember, every time a poodle barks, it’s time to take a sip! Of what? That’s up to you!

See you on Facebook!