My summer job as a year-long side-gig

Something you probably know about me is that I’m Ukrainian. Well, technically, I am Ukrainian, Hungarian and Czech, but I am most active in the Ukrainian-American community here on the east coast irc herunterladen. I’m active in my church community, I teach Ukrainian dance at my church’s school (in addition to music and art, of course), and I work at a Ukrainian dance camp for six weeks during the summer in the idyllic Shawangunk mountains in New York flugzeug spiele pc kostenlosen.

The Ukrainian community, both in Ukraine itself and across the globe, is a tight-knit community and we are able to easily enjoy and participate in cultural activities, buy Ukrainian products, find our favorite Ukrainian artists on YouTube and Spotify, and congregate at Ukrainian businesses and cultural centers double head.

For all of our abilities, however, and the ease with which we can engage in our culture, I have found a little gaping hole that I seem poised to be able to perfectly fill games app for free.

You see, when you’re a dance teacher, you’re practically a whole DJ on the side. You’re constantly looking through your CD collection (yes, almost every dance teacher I know still uses CDs, especially the Ukrainian dance teachers) for the perfect piece of music for the exercise, combo or choreography you want to create for your students hoe ebook And while there are quite a few resources for full dances, there are almost zero resources for a Ukrainian dance class. And that is where I come in.

At my summer job, I accompany ballet and character classes at a Ukrainian dance class. What I do for my ballet classes is akin to what you would find from Joey McNamara or Nate Fifield (look them up on Spotify for a relaxing change of pace), in addition, of course, to the classical ballet music one would expect in a serious dance class. I have plenty of sheet music resources, from my own music collection and sheet music I can purchase online.

For my character classes on the other hand… All of that music comes directly out of my own head and heart. I have two primary sources for sheet music: A small songbook I found in my grandfather’s collection after he passed away, and my own musical mind. If I don’t have the music already written out, I transcribe it from any old recordings I can get my hands on.

So in addition to the 20 million OTHER things that I do all year long, I realized that I have to answer this calling to fill this void. So I started a Patreon….

Miss Anna’s Dance Music!

The point of Patreon is that I can create something – in this case, Ukrainian dance music recordings – and my patrons can help support me on my journey. Because contrary to popular belief, musicians can’t survive on “exposure” alone. Studio time costs money. Recording rights cost money. I’m doing a lot of work on my own, but to take it to the next level, I need the support of the people who already enjoy my music, or who just recognize the importance of what I’m trying to do.

For as little as $3 a month (I sound like PBS), you can support me on my quest. If you’re feeling extra generous, you can of course join a higher tier and give a little more each month, but for real – if you could “buy me a cup of coffee” each month and fuel my piano playing fingers, that would be more than enough to keep me on track!

So please visit the link above and support me if you can! Dyakoyu and thank you from the bottom of my little, musical, Ukrainian heart.