And we’re back!

Hello, my friends! It’s been a wild few months and on top of that, quite a few years since the last time I really actively blogged here on my site 500 ps download kostenlos. I’ve recently gone through a bit of a major life change (pandemics and months of quarantine can have that effect, I guess), and I really look forward to sharing with you more often here on my blog snaptube herunterladen fehlgeschlagen.

this is jut a random fun picture of me in my favorite pajama pants museum org painting download. nbd.

In the meantime, I’ve already done plenty of writing so far that you can still browse through. Everything from my Star Wars/John Williams conspiracy theory (pretty certain he spoiled the ending of Episode 9 all the way back in Episode 7) to my volunteer trip to Ukraine a decade ago, and a lot of thoughts on music in between fiesta kostenlos downloaden. So feel free to scroll back through the archives if you’re bored.

Also please check out the new sections of my website – “Performing” and “Upcoming Gigs.” Getting back into playing live was something I was trying to do right when the virus hit NJ hard and everything shut down Diary for free. Some people might take that as a sign, but I am not some people. Now that businesses are opening back up again, I am looking forward to playing some local venues around NJ (have a local venue around NJ automatically series synology? let’s talk!). I’m practically built for that chill, outdoor on the patio on a laid back summer night kind of vibe! Check out the “Performing” tab for a short playlist – an amuse-bouche for your ears, if you will. Enjoy!