About Miss Anna

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Everywhere I go I teach farm games for free. If a little music education needs to be inserted into the conversation, I’ll bring it (with sparkles! and rubber ducks!). I may sound a little out there (sparkles herunterladen? rubber ducks?), but I make learning music fun and accessible for kids and adults alike.

When I work one on one with a student, I really look forward to being able to tailor my teaching style to the educational (and emotional and mental) needs of my student, ensuring that not only do we achieve great results, but that they are satisfied as well with our progress and direction starmoney 12 herunterladen.

I love that music can be so many things to different people – an escape, a creative outlet, a fulfilling hobby, or even a future career, and that it can teach children not just about music, but also about how to be disciplined about themselves and curious about the world around them tu berlin din normen herunterladen.

Teaching is my passion, but I do also perform on a regular basis, and it’s through both teaching and performing that I am able to share the joy of music with so many people robloxen kostenlos.

And yes, sometimes a rubber duck is involved. 😉

Miss Anna has been playing the piano since 1987 lustige bilder herunterladen. She has studied with Carol George (pictured with Miss Anna, at left), David Witten, Mark Pakman, and Ruth Rendleman. She studied at Montclair State University, majoring in Music Theory and Composition windows admin center herunterladen. While at Montclair, she was a very active participant in the Harry Partch Ensemble, under the direction of Dean Drummond, where she participated in various performances at the school and around the state, playing not just keyboard instruments, but percussion and string instruments as well spelling checker online for free. She also performed with the Chorale and with Band, and has debuted the works of Charles Corey, Howard Shore and Harry Partch. To request a complete resume, please email missannalawrence@gmail.com hp solution center herunterladen.