Non-stop Summer

wanted to write a short missive about all the random crap i’ve been doing. because it a) has definitely been random and b) i’ve been doing a lot of it.

two weekends ago i went gambling in my cousin’s in-laws’ backyard. it was definitely kind of fun – a birthday party for my cousin at his in-laws’ house anno 1800 dlc herunterladen. they have a really nice backyard for parties, and they totally have an outdoor bar, just one of those wrought iron and glass type constructions that they sometimes make patio furniture out of. it was fabulous. i spent most of my time there, who’s surprised? cousin’s wife rented a whole bunch of gambling tables – like for blackjack, roulette (not the russian kind, because after all, i’m ukrainian) and poker herunterladen. i spent just a little bit of time at the blackjack table and actually won some money. got into a fight with my cousin about politics when he was crazy drunk. fabulous time. don’t worry, we still love each other.

which was actually the first thing i told him when i saw him *this* weekend at a wedding youtube videosen auf smartphone. he laughed, so we’re cool. so there was a wedding this friday in the extended family this past weekend, on friday. at some really nice place in the livingston area. i honestly could have hung out at the cocktail hour for more than just an hour because the food was pretty good, the bar was open and the music was live dvd player for free. they also had a martini bar and a tequila shot bar. like i said, could have stayed at cocktail hour for more than just an hour. actually, if we could have skipped right from cocktail hour to the AMAZING dessert buffet, i would have been a pretty happy camper.

saturday night, ended up at anthony fiumano’s CD release at the Saint. anthony rocked, of course, and it was great because everyone i haven’t talked to in awhile, or needed to talk to, was there appsen tv. it was actually a pretty productive evening. saw joanna burns whom i seriously haven’t seen since, like, a party at my house last summer. it was awesome to talk to her, because, well, i haven’t! saturday was one of those evenings where i tried leaving for, like, two hours but just kept running into people i wanted to talk to. i even talked to some random guy about my different colored nail polish and my rubber duckies herunterladen. finally got out around 1:30 or so.

as an aside, i hate when i listen to a recording and i can tell that the instruments are synthesized. get real instruments or get a “real” job! ugh!

sunday we took a field trip into the city to go to veselka to stuff ourselves silly with amazing ukrainian foods.. and stuff ourselves silly we did adobe flash downloaden gratis! i think between the five of us (including my venerable sidekick AKA my evil twin, jess) we sampled every single kind of varenyky they had. also among us we had one of their potato pancakes, stuffed cabbage, their kutia, and their burgers. i had to freaking roll out of there, practically. we walked around the neighborhood a bit, walked the kids up to see st. george’s and all the ukrainian bars writeren.

i love bars in the city that have their doors and windows all open in the summer time. we stood outside bar 82 and just listened to the trio playing in there (sounded like a trio but we couldn’t quite see the band clearly) for a little bit. i notice that a lot of places have numbers in their names, and of course, now that i’ve said that, i can’t give you any examples, but i as we were walking around the east village i noticed that herunterladen.

monday i went to warped tour with jess and chris and a few of his little friends. mostly spent the day with jess though, wandering around, getting acosted by people who wanted us to listen to their band. i got a ZILLION (ok, maybe only 9) CDs from random bands from around the country. pretty freaking awesome. i handed out tigerlily cards, too, because hey, i’m getting better at this networking thing herunterladen.

i got a bit of sunburn at warped tour, and also the best sunglasses ever. jess also got the best sunglasses ever, but her sunburn is WAAAY more intense than mine.

i’m definitely going back next summer. maybe even to more than one. just to hang out in the parking lot. just kidding.

this week i’m practicing like crazy for my gig this coming saturday. no, not the wedding i’m singing at. that’s easy. i’m playing a civil war reenactment with my dad saturday night. well, let me rephrase. it’s his reenactment, in that, it’s the group he works with that’s running it. my father and i are not singing together. this is a good thing, trust me. sometimes, my dad is not so good with the singing.

and actually, tomorrow i’ve got a wedding to go to. it’s always so cute when one rockstar marries another rockstar. haha. tomorrow should be fun. and maybe after tomorrow i’ll get a bandmate back!

sunday i think i’m actually not doing anything, but i’m sure my mother will have a long list of stuff she wants me to do that will keep me from doing things i need to do. like… practice for my next gig. or laundry. or vaccuuming and dusting. or washing dishes. or SLEEPING. but yeah, she has a knack for doing that. then i get a lecture about the collection of dishes on my kitchen counter.

anyways, so that’s where i’ve been lately. just so you don’t think i’ve fallen into a black hole of some sort.