Every Day is a New Year

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a presentation by Dr. Paul M. Beaudin at the Diocese of Metuchen’s headquarters (I’d like to think of it as a super duper secret lair for educational and religious things, but it’s not very secret at all, in fact, it’s a huge building in the middle of a field wimmelbild vollversion deutsch kostenlosen.  You couldn’t even sneak up to it unless you were in full camo gear and you shimmied across the whole way on your stomach, why do I even think of these things herunterladen?).  If you travel to his page on Iona College’s website, you will only get the tip of the iceberg on this guy herunterladen.  Yes, he is well educated.  But more than that, he just knows how to present to a crowd of fellow, well-educated individuals.  His talk on the Common Core (which is essentially a set of educational standards that all but just a handful of our United States have adopted) and how it is pushing teachers not just to cover different areas of subject matter, but to also focus more on critical thinking and problem solving instead of just, as he said it, “vomiting information onto your students for them to vomit back on to you,” was not just well put together and informative, but also peppered with jokes and a lot of audience interaction herunterladen.  Look, the common core relates to math and English/language arts, predominantly, and I still had a BLAST and left feeling absolutely energized about the school year schöne bescherung ganzer film kostenlos downloaden.  I don’t teach anything anywhere near those subjects (although I guess in a way, I do).

I took some pretty excellent notes (if I do say so myself) and wanted to share some of them with you guys programm zum videoen.  Hopefully you will become newly inspired and invigorated in whatever it is you do, even if it’s nowhere near the educational field.


When doing lesson plans you have to think of What you teach, How you teach, how you Test, Qho you teach, but most importantly, you have to think of Why you are teaching this, because everyone needs to know and understand that how can I download photoshop for free.

When you think of your favorite teacher, you don’t think of the subject matter they taught you, you think of Who they are and How they taught freecell kostenlos downloaden windows 10.

Let this school year be a new year for every student.  Let every day be a new year for every student.  The master teacher views every single child with a vision that may not be shared with any other person in the building siri appen.  The master teacher sees potential that others don’t.

No matter how you are elsewhere, when you teach you have to be the most organized person in the room amazon gekaufte mp3 herunterladen.

How you teach is your own, but respect the How that your students have been exposed to as well.

Be gentle with yourself (he said this in relation to bridging the gap between the old standards and the new common core standards, but this is excellent advice for anyone, always).

Know where your students are coming from and where they need to get to.

Ask better questions.

Essential questions are not answered in a 45 minute class period, essential questions are answered over a lifetime.  Write essential questions into your lesson plans.  Look at text in a deeper way, ask good questions of all students.

If there were no mistakes we wouldn’t need schools. (I TELL MY STUDENTS THIS ALL THE TIME!)

God wrote the class list even though it comes on sister’s letterhead – they are here to learn from you and you are there to learn from them.

Be able to say, I’m good, but I need help with this.

If every single child was perfect, your job would be boring.

Understanding is ownership.

I am free!  I am free to not cover every page of the book, the book is not the curriculum, the book is a tool (I have been saying this one to myself for awhile now, too!).

Don’t give up on vocabulary.

No more spoon feeding – give students the tools to unpack information themselves.


I think I loved this talk so much, not just because it was inspiring from an educational standpoint, but if you read that list, you come to realize that so many of those things apply not so much to teaching, but just to being a better person.  And that’s something everyone can use.  After all, if every single person was perfect, then life would be boring.

Dance Accompanying: Preparation

As I sort of mentioned when I started this piano playing adventure last summer, it happened by chance, and came together very haphazardly and on the fly. By chance of course I mean when I came to dance camp, I had absolutely no intention of accompanying classes and it was only because I was heading back home for a day that I was able to grab my music kml herunterladen.

This year, of course, I had more or less ten months to prepare. Not that I used those ten months haha! But I did set aside one afternoon a few weeks ago to prepare my music binder, because really, if you’re music isn’t organized, you are sunk as an accompanist (or you better have everything memorized).

There are probably many ways to organize your music, but here’s how I’ve got mine set up.

Supplies you would need: a 3 ring binder, dividers, sheet protectors (or a three hole punch) and your music, obviously herunterladen. You may additionally want a few sheets of loose leaf paper.

First of all, I would suggest not making double sided copies. Yes, it’s going to save you paper and the environment, but you may decide you don’t want a song, or, depending on how you organize the binder, you may need to change the order. And then what?

Before you even start putting your music into sheet protectors, you have to decide how exactly you’re going to organize the book herunterladen. I’ve organized my book into the following sections: pop, Ukrainian, 2, 3, 4, 6. This is what works for me; it may not work for you.

The reason why I chose to organize this way is because of my accompanying situation. I work primarily at a dance camp where I am accompanying with any one of three different teachers, and they all have their own preferences for music and class order lustige whatsapp videos kostenlos herunterladen. One prefers more contemporary music, one prefers more classical. One has a lot of experience working with accompanists, one doesn’t. Their experiences are varied and each class is absolutely different.

So when I’m accompanying for a class, I don’t quite know what to expect. I have an understanding of the general order of dance class and what is required from the dancers for each exercise, but there’s really no set order (and even if there was, there would be three set orders, not just one) gta 5 online for free.

The easiest way for me to set up my binder is to group the contemporary music all together (though I may assimilate those into the other sections at some point) my Ukrainian tunes all together (because I rarely use them and when I do it’s not for ballet class), and then to organize my classical music by meter.

I could go on and on, right here and right now, about how a 6 could function as a 2 or a 3, and how a 3 of course could also be a 6. But I won’t mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung herunterladen. If you’re at the point in your life where you are accompanying dance classes, you probably already know what I’m talking about. Maybe I’ll make it another post.

If you don’t organize your binder by meter, you could also organize simply in alphabetical order (this is how I worked last year and I have to say that was also pretty successful) hairstyles to. You could also organize it by the class order, songs specifically for plies, or grande battement, etc, but this will only be helpful for you if you have a specific set of songs for each type of exercise (many of my songs pull double or triple duty).

Now that you’ve figured out how to organize your binder, start putting the music in the sheet protectors. Double up where you can; also, if you have a piece that is two pages long, put them in two different protectors so they can face each other herunterladen. This sounds like it may be common sense, but if you’re thinking with the organizational part of your brain to put this binder together, you may not be thinking with the piano playing part of your brain that wants to avoid page turns.

You could use a three hole punch for this step as well, but you could end up damaging the paper on the long run. You’ll also end up having to turn a lot more pages, which could get tedious, depending on how much music you have herunterladen.

Once your music is in the binder, you may want to take this optional step and make a list of all your music to keep out to the side as you accompany, like an index. The first time you make this list, leave some space in case you add pieces later. Having a list like this will be helpful if you don’t have the greatest memory (like me) firefox 64 bit. If it’s up to you to choose the pieces, having the list will help you quickly make a decision, if you are familiar enough with your repertoire (and you should be!) that just looking at the title will remind you of how the pieces go, even when you have five or six waltzes listed in a row.

And that’s it, your music is ready for dance class! More important question – are you? If you are a budding dance accompanist and have a question, please feel free to ask!

Dance Accompanying: Who am I and what do I know anyway?

Yes, if you’re here, you probably do already have some sort of acquaintance with me. Maybe we’re friends, maybe I teach your kid, maybe you’ve seen me perform star wars battlefront 2 pc. But I wanted to talk a little bit about a certain facet of my life before we keep going here on the blog, as I’ve already written a bit about a certain subject, and anticipate a few more posts before the summer is over microsoft officeen gratis 2016.

I’m a piano teacher and an accomplished player, yes. But I’m also, a few months out of the year, a piano accompanist as well, and this isn’t just any kind of accompanying, this isn’t me getting together with some of my other musician friends to work on some solos cello noten kostenlos downloaden. No, this is ballet accompanying, which is another beast entirely. This will be my third time accompanying for this group, the first being many years ago, the second being last year kostenlos bücher für kindle herunterladen. Both the first and second time I felt like the whole experience was very fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants and I didn’t really know what to expect, what to do (well, to a certain extent I did the second time) or how it would all turn out in the end netflix for macbook pro. This year I am going into this experience much more well prepared than I was the first two times (more on that later). We’ll see if that changes anything c64 spiele herunterladen.

I do also have a strong dance background. As previously stated, I accompany at a dance camp, where classes are every morning for about three hours, camp is two weeks long, and there are three separate sessions (so it’s six weeks of work total) herunterladen. I also attended this camp in my youth, and have 20 some odd years of dance experience – ballet, tap, and Ukrainian folk dancing, plus a little belly dancing tossed in for good measure polar express.

I have never FORMALLY trained as a dance accompanist. So I guess this is a bit of a disclaimer type of post. I did have to take a class on accompanying in college as part of my music major, but that really didn’t prepare me for this specific kind of accompanying herunterladen. What I do have is a strong music background and a strong dance background, so I suppose that gives me a very unique perspective on this whole dance accompanying thing teams kostenlos downloaden. I only really talk to one other accompanist on occasion, and he’s got no dancing history whatsoever (but he’s a terrific, terrific player!), and I have a feeling he is more the rule and I am more the exception when it comes to dance accompanists.

Because here’s the thing. I really only know that one accompanist. I know plenty of piano players. I know plenty of performing musicians in general. But I personally know very few (aka, one) other dance accompanists. Even finding resources online for accompanists is hard for me. There are actually some pretty great resources at the Royal Academy of Dance’s website, but as far as people talking about it? Not many, and not recently.

So while I don’t claim to be an expert on the topic, I do know that I am pretty knowledgeable, and pretty experienced (yes, I only do it for six weeks out of the year, but it’s the most intense six weeks of my life. Also, anything I read in the RAD’s book on accompanying I had already figured out on my own in just six weeks of accompanying, so there), and I just want there to be more of a discussion, just more words committed to it out there in the blogosphere (if that’s even a word people still use).

If there are other accompanists out there, I encourage you to share your experiences. Let’s band together and start a discussion! Exchange some ideas! Boost each other up! I don’t mind sharing tips with tricks with accompanists from other continents – it’s not like you’re going to go to my dance studios and get a job there before I could!

Mwish No. 2

What’s a mwish?? It’s like, you know, a wish, but better, because there’s usually music in it! In addition to practicing, I need to think about what I need from my practicing (or my music in general) before I get to the bench speedphone 51 klingeltöne herunterladen. So that when I get there (or wherever else I need to be) I will be better prepared to totally rock it out.

This week I am embarking on week two of what I would consider my re-entry into the school year.  For some teachers, the school year just starts.  There may be a week or two of meetings and room preparation, but then, all of a sudden, the students are there and BAM school has started herunterladen.

But for myself, it’s a little different.  Last week I started teaching at the studio.  This week I will begin with my private students.  Next week it’s back to my elementary school.  I am easing my way into the deep end by wading myself in through the shallow instead of just going for that cannon ball jump.  I don’t mind herunterladen.

Over on my other blog, you can read up on the shiva nata challenge I’ve been doing.  Basically, I am challenging myself to do shiva nata every single day, and I am focusing (thinking, brainstorming and journaling) on my enthusiasm for the school year, and maintaining a certain level of focus, organization and enthusiasm through the whole school year herunterladen.

So my mwish for this week is for continued focus.  I feel like the frame of mind I am in with my students for the rest of the month can really set the tone for how the entire rest of the year goes – no pressure or anything, right – so staying on top of my game especially this week and next week is uber important herunterladen!

Specifically, though, I am mwishing I finish my list this week.  I don’t really know what to call it.  It’s sort of a lesson plan, but mostly a checklist I have been working on since last week where I am writing down all the things to review with my students.  All of my students so far are returning students, or transfers, so essentially, they already know quite a bit about music.  This check list that I am making is a way for me to make sure that I review everything possible in the most logical order possible… which is sometimes a little harder to figure out than one might think windows 7 service pack 2 kostenlosen!

So this week I am mwishing for order and organization, continued enthusiasm, focus, and, as always, boatloads of patience.

Audience Participation Time
What are you mwishing for this week?  What are you getting back into?  What new and fun things might you be starting herunterladen?

Dance Accompanying: The Scariest Two and a Half Hours of my Day

Accompanying a ballet class is like having a conversation where one participant speaks one language, and the other participant speaks a completely different language, but both perfectly understands the other.

Accompanying a ballet class is like a live jam session, except instead of a traditional set of instruments, you have a pianist and about 30-50 dancers iphone karten offline herunterladen.

Metaphors aside, accompanying a ballet class is the most exhilarating and scariest two and half hours of my day, every day, and I would never turn down the chance to do it.

Class (at dance camp) starts at 9:00 in the morning, which means all the dancers (and myself), are ready for class at 8:45. For them, it means they are dressed properly and waiting at the ballet bar for class to start spiele kostenlos herunterladen. They may be stretching or talking quietly. For me it means I have all my music out – I may even choose the first song of the class (which is usually for plies), and I am standing near the piano stretching my arms and upper body out (2.5 hours of playing piano is a kind of like sprinting and also running a marathon at the same time).

For barre exercises – and center and across the floor combinations as well – what generally happens is the instructor should demonstrate the moves at tempo at least once webm file. Depending on the teacher’s style, or the specific exercise, they may also demonstrate it slowly, or quickly, or review some specific part of the exercise at any point before they actually want the students to begin. This is the part where the magic happens.

See, because Kristine Izak does not say to me, “Anna, please play ‘March Militaire’ for this next exercise.” Well, she could filme von youtube gratis downloaden. And in fact, Orlando Pagan sometimes will request, “Brandenburg, please.” But more often than not, like when Stefan Calka is teaching, he will simply demonstrate an exercise, and then simply look at me and nod his head when he is ready for the students to begin. That is my cue to play. Because in the time that the students were supposed to be learning the steps and absorbing directions, I was supposed to be figuring out if the teacher wanted a song in 3, or in 4, or perhaps a slow 2 spyro ps4 inhalte herunterladen. Or maybe I am trying to decide which of the four or five waltzes best suits the desired movements.

Sometimes there is a discussion, and sometimes I need to clarify something. But my job as an accompanist is to be able to watch a dance and turn it into a melody. This is really no easy feat, and I feel that I am only as good at it as I am because I have had almost as many years experience dancing as I have playing piano (though obviously not as intense – I may be playing Chopin mazurkas but I’m not pulling double or triple pirouettes) wie kann man sich roblox herunterladen.

When I start playing a song and the instructor smiles at me from across the room, I know that I am having an “on” day. But I have definitely had my share of moments where I have not gotten that smile, or – even worse – the instructor stops me and asks me to pick something else.

And that’s the stressful part. When you are one in 20 or 50 students, you could make tons of mistakes that no one might ever notice. But when you’re the piano player, well, everyone notices when you mess up herunterladen. And there’s really nothing worse than making a mistake and then getting called out on it.

If I had had a little more preparation time going into this endeavor, maybe it would have been easier. If I had more time to pick out pieces of music and review them with the instructors, and then more time to practice, it may have been less stressful minecraft kostenlosen pc deutsch. But I didn’t really have the chance for any of that stuff (check out “Seeds” if you haven’t already).

But even if I did have that prep time, I feel it still would have been a stressful/exhilarating experience. As a piano teacher and performer, I spend so much time personally and with my students working on our technical and interpretive skills to make the final performance a little bit of magic, but when you are accompanying a ballet class, the magic is happening inside of every decision, in every moment herunterladen. It’s essentially a live performance that requires a lot of focus and an intimate understanding of the music you are choosing from, since you have, on average, only about 30-45 seconds to select the perfect piece of music. I know I for one could just feel the adrenaline pumping through me, and when class was over, and I could finally relax, I actually felt brain dead.

Accompanying a ballet class is really unlike any other experience I have ever had minecraft maps herunterladen mac. When I perform at my weekly open mic, for example, I am more or less in charge of all my musical decisions. I know exactly which songs I am going to play that evening. I may not play them in the original order I intended, but everything is basically laid out beforehand whether in my head or in the sheet music in front of me. But in my experience as a ballet accompanist, I had roughly 100 pieces of music at my disposal, and at any moment in the 2+ hour class, I could be called upon to play any one of those songs – under tempo, over tempo, with a heavier left hand, or please bring out the melody here more. Being a completely customizable CD player is a lot harder than it seems, and when you are done, and when you’ve done your job, you feel like you’ve really accomplished something, like you built a house, or wrote a great novel, but instead, you created this chunk of time where everything just flowed and real art was created. And just like after any really great accomplishment – after a good class I felt both musically satiated and mentally exhausted (and ready for a nap).


Tell me, are there any other ballet accompanists out there? I would love to hear about your experience. It’s hard going through this journey in a vacuum, and I know my case is an extreme one – where else do you find a ballet class with 40 students that is two hours long? If you are an accompanist, please tell me what your classes are like!

Dance Accompanying: How Dance Camp Turned me into a Ballet Accompanist

As a Ukrainian American on the east coast, I have had the distinct pleasure of really getting to experience, learn about and grow into the culture of my grandparents free games fishdom. Ukrainian Americans in the NJ/NY area have at least a dozen established churches they can attend, there are a multitude of festivals and dances throughout the year to attend across the tri-state area, and a little Ukie child has their choice of which group to learn traditional folk dance with how to download video from youtube.

I first started Ukrainian dance lessons when I was very young, maybe when I was 8 or 9, and I studied with the legendary Pani Roma Pryma Bohachevsky herunterladen. She came to my elementary school (my Ukrainian church’s kindergarten – eighth grade school), and we had class once a week, and a performance at the end of the year herunterladen. By the seventh grade, I was SO. WAY. INTO. UKRAINIAN DANCE. and I asked my mom if I could go away to this dance camp that Pani Roma ran every summer at the Ukrainian resort in upstate New York (near New Paltz, in Ulster county) called Soyuzivka lieder kostenlos downloaden mp3 youtube. I would go to camp for the next four years, and every year, it was the hardest, and most awesome two weeks of my life. And for the ensuing six years, when I was no longer a dance camper, I felt a twinge of regret every time August would roll around, and I was not making my pilgrimage to study folk dancing film downloaden laptop.

But I stopped attending dance camp because the real passion of my life was taking over. The summer of 1998 was when I started preparing for my college auditions herunterladen. I practiced piano a few hours every single morning, and taking two weeks off to dance just didn’t seem like an option.

A few years later (after successfully getting into college as a music major, and then going and changing my major to English with a journalism minor, haha) I was back at Soyuzivka, during dance camp time of course, and was doing a little practicing in the dining hall live chat app herunterladen. The dance camp accompanist, Ada Helbig, was there, and came over to chat with me. Would I be interested in accompanying ballet classes next year? Why yes, yes I would zoom app windows herunterladen!

The following summer, in 2001, I came to the New York mountains once again for dance camp. I would be staying for two sessions’ worth of camp, an entire month instagram videos android. It was a life altering experience, with a little bit of trial by fire thrown in. I did not have much preparation or coaching before I took this job. Pani Roma, while she was an excellent teacher, was not so clear in what was expected of me as the accompanist, and since these were pre-Facebook days I don’t even recall if trying to get in touch with Ada for advice even felt like an option. I was handed some music that I was expected to learn – I still have the book, but the task of learning a daunting 15-20 songs in just under two months was something that I at that point in my life just couldn’t do. The first few days of classes were rough, but we hit a groove and I made it through the remaining time, with only one trip to the ER because of such severe pain in my wrist we thought I had possibly broken something. I didn’t end up breaking anything, but I did get a very painful case of a carpel tunnel flare up.

After such an experience, what do you think I did? Switched my major back to music, of course. I dove back into piano playing, and finished school as a music theory major (which I liken to learning how to be a mechanic to help me be a better driving instructor). Though it was a painful and hard experience – and even though I wasn’t really ready as a music professional for it – I grew and learned a lot my summer as a ballet accompanist. It was probably one of the most influential summers of my life.

Dance Accompanying: Seeds

This summer I got back into accompanying ballet classes on piano again (it’s a thing, which is awesome, and preferred, if you didn’t know, which I will have to explain at some point in its own post because I foresee it popping up a few times in the next few articles I have simmering on the back burner) tia portal v15 herunterladen. And I came to this amazing realization.

I would not be accompanying ballet classes if it wasn’t for a friend of mine, Stefan Calka (an accomplished dancer and choreographer in his own right), requesting that I accompany his classes a few weeks ago during a dance workshop I was working at (mostly I was there to help wrangle kids, I was not actually there for music) minecraft für pc kostenlos downloaden vollversion.

I would not have even been able to accompany his classes had I not been heading home (and therefor able to pick up my music).

(I would not even have had ballet accompaniment music had I not already done this once before, about a decade ago.)

I would not have been playing piano for him to overhear me if I wasn’t working on a secret and awesome project with another dancer/teacher/choreographer, Orlando Pagan herunterladen.

I would not have started working on this project if I hadn’t worked at Ukrainian dance camp last summer.

I would never have worked at dance camp, if I had never attended dance camp in my youth office softwareen.

I never would have attended dance camp if I hadn’t been taking Ukrainian dance lessons at home.

And, of course, none of this could have even been set into motion if I was not a lifelong piano player windows media player 7 kostenlosen.

I sit here in my proverbial flower garden, and I am amazed at all the little seeds that had been sown here through the years. I am right now enjoying an amazing blend of two of my passions in life – music and dance – not because of a chance encounter in the summer of 2012, but because of a series of actions put into motion in 1986, 1987, 1994, 2001, and 2011 herunterladen. The winding path that has brought me to the moment I am in right now is absolutely astounding.

The Adventure Ducky Strikes Again

I have a student. Well, I have many students. But this one in particular, he is the inspiration for this post today.

He is, what I would call, a stereotypical little boy.  First of all, he, and his two brothers, are just adorable (I happen to teach all three).  They like video games and comic books (and if they don’t, they probably will), and jedi and pirates, etc.  Sometimes they are at each others’ necks, sometimes they are the cutest little trio.  They are the kind of little boys you might expect to come in with a skinned knee, or perhaps a frog in their pocket (their mom will probably read this, she will have to let me know if there’s ever been a frog situation) winrar german free 64 bit.

This one brother, however, is the kind of guy who makes a mountain out of a mole hill.  He has been this way for a long time, and it’s something his mom has told me about, and something he and I have been working on.  He has gotten much better at letting the little mistakes stay little.  We haven’t really had a crisis in the middle of a lesson for awhile windows 7 kostenlos downloaden.

Yesterday, though, I could see it coming.

It was just the way he scrunched up his face, for just a second.  And then there was a sniffle.  We were on the brink.  One more mistake and we might have had a situation.  So I stopped him immediately, and launched into it.  I wish I could have recorded myself saying it, because I worded it perfectly for him.  And they were important enough words that I wanted to share them with all of my students, and with the world in general.  Here we go kika to.

The Adventure Ducky, at some point I think I named him Jean Claude, or Pierre, I don't know why I give my pirate ducks French namesDude, dude, dude!  Take a breath, dude!  This is not a big deal.  Let me tell you something.  Everybody, every student, every musician, who has ever lived, has been to the place where you are right now.  You are on the edge of the map.  Sometimes this happens a day after you have your first lesson, or a week, or a month, or a year, or ten years.  Everything comes so super easy for you, and then all of a sudden, it doesn’t anymore.  All of a sudden, it’s not fun anymore.  It’s work.  This isn’t a problem, this is just the edge of your comfort zone sour.

NOW is when you begin your journey as a musician.  Now is when the adventure starts, and the fun begins.  Sometimes the challenges and problems that come up are exactly what make music interesting!  Where would the pirates be if they hadn’t committed mutiny, left Captain Jack on the island, stolen the cursed treasure and became zombies??  THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN NO MOVIE!  Look at how exciting it was.  Sometimes adventures are tough but they can be crazy exciting, too animes kostenlos downloaden.

Right now you are just at the edge of the map.  Your adventure is just beginning.  Don’t be afraid of it.  Don’t be afraid of mistakes.  Mistakes just make the day more interesting.  Let’s get the pirate ducky out to remind us of the adventure that we’re on spiegel app kostenlos herunterladen.

And Adventure Ducky sat on top of the piano for the rest of one of the best lessons I taught this week.  I think everyone needs a little visit from the Adventure Ducky every now and again pr0gramm app herunterladen.

Happy New Year 2011-12!

Welcome to a new school year!  We are into our second week of the school year, and by now, the cobwebs are dusted out of even the deepest corners in our brains and the spaces between our fingers.  Things forgotten over the long stretch of summer break are coming back to us, and I, probably even more than my students, am excited for the MissAdventures that this year holds for all of us fortnite herunterladen huawei p20 lite!

To celebrate the new year, I am encouraging all of my students to make a New Year’s Resolution.  Some of them have actually asked me if they can make two, but I have told them to limit it to one per instrument.  I appreciate their enthusiasm, but as I intend to hold them to these resolutions until their completion (or June 2012), I don’t want them to become overwhelmed bewerbungsformulare kostenlos downloaden.

What can one resolve to do on piano or guitar, one might ask?  PLENTY!  Last week I told all my students it could be very specifically related to their repertoire – I resolve to learn all of “Fur Elise” – or very general – I resolve to finish all the Level 1B books.  It could be related to technique – I resolve to keep my fingers rounded always – or related to their brain – I resolve to understand more about chords.  I gave them the whole week to think about it, and starting this week, we will discuss possible resolutions and make a game plan for achieving them adobe gratis downloaden.

I feel, though, that this is also a whole lot more than just a New Year’s Resolution (who keeps them, anyway?  I mean, besides my students and myself).  This is about setting a realistic goal, working towards it, and not giving up.  It’s about saying you’re going to do something, and then actually following through.  It’s sticking to your word, shouldering responsibility, holding yourself accountable.  It’s becoming more self-aware.  It’s delving into music on a level that, possibly, some of these kids have never experienced before.  There are loads of life lessons wrapped up in this, and also a great way to capture the enthusiasm of the beginning of the school year and stretch it out until the enthusiasm for summer break takes over quake 3 arena kostenlos download.

So much of education for a child is out of their control.  They go to the school their parents send them to, do the work that is assigned to them by their teachers.  Rules are set up for them, and boundaries are set.  But personally, I feel that a student should have a say in those boundaries.  Why limit learning?  Why not let the child’s own natural curiosity help to lead the way?  This is one of the things that I really love about private teaching.  The ability of the child to actively participate in the learning process.  They aren’t just on the receiving end, but a lot on my end of it all relies on them as well, and I it is my wish that they grasp that and enjoy it.  Not to just survive, but to thrive.  How often do you hear a student say, “I survived freshman year” or “I survived my high school years?”  How does that phrase change when you say, “I thrived during freshman year?”  “I thrived during my high school years?”

I know I’m getting off on a tangent here, but I feel like this is an important detour to take.  If we want kids to learn, they ought to want to learn.  And how better to get them to want to learn, than by letting them set their own goals call of duty spiele kostenlosen?

So.  New Year’s Resolutions.  Because I like the phrase “we’re all in the same boat” (and that’s not just because I secretly want to be a pirate), I am also making not one, but TWO resolutions (since I do actively play two instruments).  So here I go with mine pdf reader download for free german.

1) Fantasy Impromptu in c# minor, by Frederic Chopin.  Chopin is one of my faves.  If we were alive at the same time, I’d make it a point to go to all of his shows and meet him.  Maybe even ask him to jam.  I’d buy all his CDs.  I’d like him in Facebook (wait, I already like him on facebook).  This piece of music is one of my favorite pieces to listen to by Chopin, and also, one of the most technically challenging pieces I have ever had the chance to look at (I mean, I’m sure there are more technically challenging pieces, but I actually already have the music for this one, and it is hands down, the hardest piece I own the music to).  And since it’s been awhile since I actually challenged myself to anything on the piano (what with the tendonitis bout a few years back that sidelined me pretty much until this last year), I thought, this would be a perfect project for the 2011-2012 school year.  And in case you don’t know what it sounds like, here you go wie kann man tik tok videos herunterladen.

2. Flamenco guitar whatsapp foto niet te downloaden. A few years ago, I said to myself, I want to expand my chord vocabulary. That’s part of the reason why I enjoy playing so many old jazz standards, because they utilized a WHOLE LOT MORE than your standard I-IV-V progressions of today’s rock music games to roblox. And again, I haven’t really challenged myself in the guitar arena in awhile, so I thought to myself, what’s really hard for me right now sims 4 downloaden gratis mac? I’m a pretty decent finger picker, but I could be better. But, I’m not so much a fan of classical guitar. However. Flamenco guitar is pretty darned exciting. I also have a friend who does flamenco dancing (and have a few more who are interested in it), and I thought, this would be a pretty neat way to jam across the lines of art (I mean, I’d be on my guitar, meanwhile they would actually be dancing), so let me take a dive.

Of course, then I learned that flamenco music, is like, WAY HARD. It’s actually hard just to think about, at least for me, at least right now. It won’t just be a matter of learning a few songs, it will be more along the lines of learning a whole new set of theory and technique. I’m down for this. Totally. As it was recently explained to me, you basically have a set rhythm and a set chord progression. Everything else, from the strumming and melodies, to the lyrics and the dancing, is improvised. You learn all the rules and then you play with them (until your hand falls off, because in my case, it might). Here is an example.

Audience Participation Time
I’ve shared my New Year’s Resolutions. What are yours? Do you consider the new school year a time of new beginnings, or do you wait until January 1 to start yours? Do you even make resolutions or think they’re just a pile of lofty goals that are really a waste of time?

It’s Mwish Time!

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What’s a mwish?? It’s like, you know, a wish, but better, because there’s music in it! In addition to practicing, I need to think about what I need from my practicing (or my music in general) before I get to the bench herunterladen. So that when I get there (or wherever else I need to be) I will be better prepared to totally rock it out.

This week my mwish is simple.  I mwish to actually practice.  You know how you don’t realize how much you love something until it’s gone?  I am at this point right now.  And it’s not that I forgot how much I love piano, or guitar, or music in general, but music is one of those things that has become such a part of my routine (a very sparkly, wonderful, magical part), that I just grew accustomed to the sense of peace, accomplishment and joy that practicing injected into my everyday life.  Practicing has become both an important part of my life for my work and for my health.  And I miss it adobe flash player deutsch kostenlos downloaden.

It’s not that I am having an awful time up here in the mountains, sweating like a waterfall and destroying my feet, discovering new and interesting ways to make my body sore, but I am just not practicing any of my instruments the way I do when I am home, and I miss it.  So this week, I mwish for more practice time.  I’m not even sure how this is going to work out, as I have been trying – mostly unsuccessfully – for two weeks to practice, and if I haven’t figured out how to do it by now I’m not sure if I’m going to get it done ever final fantasy full version for free.

But a girl can mwish, yes?

Audience Participation Time
What are you mwishing for this week?  How is your summer schedule (if it is different from your school year schedule) affecting your practice schedule word computer?