Tigerlily Leaked into my Dreams

well, it’s not that i dreamt about anything really directly tigerlily related but………. if it weren’t for tigerlily i wouldn’t have ever have been to see any of the bands i’m about to mention.

this is actually a dream i had yesterday, but i then went ahead and spent so much of yesterday sleeping and lazing around (hope im not getting sick) that i never got around to blogging it.

i was listening to rick barry’s ballad of the unwilling martyr, and even though it’s technically, i guess, his song, the version i was listening to is the version that was available on the paperback radio myspace page. or maybe it was the days awake page (back when it was days awake featuring rick barry, i dunno, the file isn’t available on any of those three pages now so it’s anyone’s guess as to where it originally was, but i’m gonna guess it was days awake, actually. anyway) but my point is, i have two versions of the song, and one is off rick barry’s album, and one is a live version, with DA/PR, and it was that version, the live version, i was listening to.

Then, all of a sudden, I start hearing this other song, but only snippets – like i’m listening to the radio and am hearing little bits of another station broadcasting on the same station I’m listening to.

But then I remember I’m not listening to the radio, I’m listening to my iPod, and I get really confused.

I get even more confused when I realize I’m not actually listening to my iPod, either, I’m actually at the Stone Pony, and they’re playing it live. I’m standing in back, actually in the sound booth (can’t remember if i have headphones on or not) and while the band is playing, that weird other music that was coming through like it was on a different station was actually rick from TWiNE … who was on stage with them. it was clear that he wasn’t singing along with them, he was doing his own thing. it was also clear that absolutely no one on the stage was acknowledging him, which led me to believe I was the only person who could see or hear him.

and then i woke up.