And now for something completely different: Sharing is Caring

Mom and Daughter CollaborateI’m an only child, so while sharing is not exactly a foreign concept to me, it’s definitely something that doesn’t come.. naturally, I suppose.  So maybe that’s why this collaboration seems to make sense to me.  First, mom Mica Angela Hendricks starts the drawing.  Then she hands it off to her daughter, who finishes it.  The results are pretty unexpected, yet still artful and interesting to look at.

See all the pics and hear a little more about the process here.

And now for something completely different: Chimpanzee Art

I’m just going to leave this right here.

Chimp Art

Please, do not go on about how art is so simple that even a monkey can do it.  I will not have it

What strikes me about this is how much I actually like this and am enjoying this.  Art, like m
usic, is one of those universal languages.

It makes me think about how my poodle comes to listen to me practice the piano.  It’s not coincidence, either.  Very often, when I am practicing piano, she doesn’t just come to hang out in the room, which you  could explain as her just chilling out and being a poodle in the same space where I am practicing.  She very deliberately will come to the living room and sit on this old green recliner that used to belong to my grandmother. This is the only time she will sit in that chair.  What does she do while sitting in this chair?  Chew on a toy?   Groom herself?   Nope.  She’ll just lay there and listen.  I’ve never noticed her fall asleep, so I presume she is more or less actively paying attention.

It makes me wonder what art she may like, or what art she may create.  It makes me wonder about playing music at zoos and pet stores for the animals.  It makes me wonder what else we may have in common.