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I have a cute bio here with a great picture of me and my first piano teacher, Miss Carol, and a resume available upon request, so I will spare you those details. Right now you are probably thinking something along the lines of, why should I hire this verbose lady with a weird duck collection to hang out with me, or even with my kids?? That is an excellent question.

I have an almost unlimited amount of patience (my youngest school kids are 3 years old, and I’ve already been doing this for over 10 years) and a great sense of humor. And I’m not talking about the kind of “humoring” like “I will let you learn how to play that stupid song about what the fox says.” I mean: I like to laugh, and I like to make my students laugh. I like when kids can have a fun time learning, and I love it if I can get them to the point where their first reaction after making a mistake is not to freak out and worry, but to laugh and quickly get over it. Yes, some mistakes are biggies that are worth the worry, but the majority of them are not, and I like the life lesson hidden inside of that.

I suffered a minor hand injury in my 20s. I had to take almost two years off from playing piano and guitar and when I started playing again, I basically had to relearn everything I knew about technique and posture.  In 2001 my doctor gave me a pretty scary sounding diagnosis – my symptoms sounded like arthritis and carpel tunnel, along with a serious bout of tendonitis.  NOT FUN!  But with proper technique and better practicing habits, I have lived pain (and pain killer, steroids, wrist braces and physical therapy) free since 2001.  I directly attribute that to my good habits, and I will pass these along to your children so they hopefully never find themselves in the position I was in.

I love kids. I love the way they think. I love their curiosity, I love their creativity. It can be absolutely non-linear and downright zany at times, but I think that the more a child can hold onto that, the better off they will be in the long run. We often think of being creative as strictly a quality best left to the artsy fartsy people of the world, but even scientists and engineers need a hefty dose of creativity to look for cures and solve problems. Music is a way that children can develop these qualities as they grow and learn their more traditional subjects in school.

I don’t do drugs and I eat all my vegetables. Seriously! I know that many of the kids I meet end up thinking I am actually quite cool, and I take that title very seriously. I won’t judge anyone else’s life choices, but I want students to know that in this day and age where mainstream pop stars sing about “molly” and acting stupidly in public is instagrammed and #hashtagged (#YOLO! ugh), it is important for kids to see that you can stand up to peer pressure and still lead a happy nerdycool life.

I believe in making myself obsolete, and teaching independence. I don’t plan on being your child’s teacher forever, meaning that I will not teach them in such a way that they will always be dependent on me. I encourage curiousity in music. I encourage students to continue working on pieces even once we are “done” with them in our lesson. I encourage students to go out and find new music they want to learn. When they have reached a certain point (usually after a few years of instruction), I start to give students the “tools” that *I* use in my every day musical life to learn new music or pick up something off the radio. I teach them how to really listen, and how to understand the language of music. Someday you may move, someday they may graduate college, someday a very legitimate reason may come up where they are without a teacher for an indefinite period of time, and during that time, I will have failed them as a teacher if their music practice stagnates.

The bottom line is I believe that music is a lifelong gift. Whether a child ends up as professional musician or a certified public accountant, the ability to pick up a guitar, sing in tune, tickle the ivories or just to be able to think outside the box will absolutely enhance their quality of life.

Interested in lessons?  Drop me a line!

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