The First Addition to my Store (or, What I did on my Summer Vacation)

This is a real scoop right here, folks.  What you are about to read has never before been announced in a public forum.  I’ve been hinting at it on facebook, but if you haven’t spoken to me in person in the last month, you just don’t know about it.

I’ve been hard at work arranging easy versions of Ukrainian folk tunes.  In my travels to Ukrainian festivals across the country, searching online, and even searching in the markets and stores I visited while in the beautiful country of Ukraine, I have never once found Ukrainian piano music suitable for a student who has been studying piano for less than two years.

When I first began actively researching this, I thought it was my limited knowledge of the language that was holding me back.  After two years, though, I have come to realize that there is a definite gap in the market for easy Ukrainian piano music, one that I intend to fill.

In September (no set date yet, but stay tuned) 2009, I intend to publish my first “EP” – six songs for beginner pianists, including accompaniment parts for a more experienced player, such as the teacher.  The sales from this EP will directly go to fund my first full length release, coming in, hopefully, early December 2009.  The full length will include a total of 12 songs (all for beginners with accompaniment) – 9 folk tunes and 3 Christmas tunes – and will also include lyrics and artwork.  I’m really excited to bring this to the public… Really excited.  Music like this I wish I had when I was a beginner.  I’m happy to be able to do this for piano students the globe over.

All music will be available as downloadable PDFs from my website, and also, we’re looking into outside vendors as well to be able to automate the purchase and download process.  Songs will be able to be downloaded singly, or as a group at a discount.  Buying the EP will also make you eligible to recieve the full length at a discount as well.

I do have plans to continue arranging music.  The edition that is done by Christmas 2009 I consider my Volume 1.  Volume 2 I hope to have complete by Summer 2010, and Volume 3 done by the following Christmas.  I consider this an ongoing project I hope to never complete, due to the wealth of music available to arrange. Also, once all the easiest of easy versions are written, I will then go on to create more challenging arrangements of songs.  I will only stop when I feel that my music has approached the level of music already on the market.  Well, maybe I’ll continue to arrange music at the professional level. 😉

Some people go away on vacation to relax and unwind, but I went away on vacation and wrote my EP.