Winter Coffeehouse

winter-coffeehouseYou’re invited to a Winter Coffeehouse!  I’m pleased to announce on Saturday January 28, I will be hosting what I hope will become my first annual Winter Coffeehouse.  It will be a chance for the students to come together, hang out, and perform for each other in a relaxed setting.  The only way to become more comfortable performing is to practice it as often as you can, and what better way to do it than with friends?

The Coffeehouse will take place at “the school” where I teach on Saturdays.  Don’t know where that is?  Once you RSVP yes, I will let you know!  Any student who has been playing for more than a year is invited to prepare one song to perform.  Been playing for more than a year but don’t want to perform?  No pressure!  Have only been playing a few months and you want to give it a try?  Be my guest!  The most important thing is to have fun.  If you would rather read or recite a poem, that is fine, too!  I will have books for you to choose a poem from.  Finally, if a student wants to come just to be a supportive audience member that is fine, too (but maybe, parents, bring their music just in case they change their mind!).  While I encourage all students to perform, forcing them before they feel comfortable to do so is a recipe for a bad experience – and who wants that?!

For refreshments, I ask that all families bring 1-2 dozen cookies or another kind of small treat. Home baked or store bought is fine.  I will prepare the space and provide coffee and hot chocolate.  You are free to chat in the room where the refreshments will be set up (not super loud though!), but the performance space will be in a quiet room out of respect for the players – only whispers or no talking at all!

Parents are welcome to stay and observe the performance, chat with other parents, or drop your children off (as long as you are back to pick them up at 8!).  There will be enough parental supervision plus I will have a few of my older students on hand to keep an eye on the kids.

Finally, our snow date is the following Saturday, February 4, 6:30 – 8:00, so keep that date open just in case!

They Cancelled Each Other Out

played tumulty’s last night and by all accounts i rocked. an awesome time was had by all, except for me.

killer headache. sang a lot with my eyes closed because it felt like depriving myself of one of my senses would somehow make it more bearable.

the crappiness of a headache (so bad my teeth hurt) is that it was awesome to play for the group that came out. a bunch of my friends and also my parents, and one of my uncles, and a couple of cousins. being an only child really makes me appreciate my cousins more, and it was just so cool to see them.

for those of you who missed the fun, here are the set lists:

Blister in the sun – violent femmes
Take on Me – a-ha
At Last – etta james
Jane Says – jane’s addiction
When Doves Cry – prince
Chervona Ruta – vasyl ivasiuk
The World is Full of Bastards – mary prankster

Roadhouse Blues – the doors
Me and Bobby McGee – janis joplin
Can’t Help Falling in Love – ub40
Kiss Off – violent femmes
Freebird – lynyrd skynyrd
Say it Ain’t So – weezer
Dream a Little Dream of Me – ella fitzgerald

I also shared a few stories about my trip to Ukraine, which, of course, will end up here at some point. I don’t have any plans for this evening except to sit at home and do nothing (maybe i’ll zone out and play sims 2 for, like, six or seven hours), so I’ll try and write a bit then.

Setlist – June 16

i got in my car earlier in the day and the ALBUM VERSION of “light my fire” was playing. not the single version. the album version. with all the solos. i took it as a good sign. and like i said to jeremy last night, “people who were not obligated to tell me i was awesome, told me i was awesome.” so i guess i didn’t stink. here’s what i played.

roadhouse blues – the doors
smells like teen spirit – nirvana
angel – jimi hendrix
me and bobby mcgee – janis joplin
break on through – the doors
the wind cries mary – jimi hendrix
…… here i was going to play heart shaped box but gerry gave me the ‘last song’ signal. it’s just as well. chuck got kind of violently angry when i told him i’d be playing it, so skipping it was a good thing. skinny guys fight til their burger. 88|
mercedes benz – janis joplin

afterwards we went to court tavern (harvest moon may have some nice beers but i do loves me some guinness and court has it!) and they had VH1 classic on. The program that was on? All about janis joplin. We all agreed I was cooler, but probably because I’m still alive, and she’s not.

May 22 Set List – 27 Club Tribute

so in case i hadn’t said it about a billion times, the show i just played this evening was in honor of all the musicians who were famous and dead by the time they reached the age i just turned. IE – jimi hendrix, janis joplin, jim morrison and kurt cobain. there are others, yes, but those are the big ones. so here’s my set.

roadhouse blues – the doors
me and bobby mcgee – janis joplin
take on me – a-ha
the wind cries mary – jimi hendrix
pennyroyal tea – nirvana
kiss off – violent femmes
break on through – the doors
smells like teen spirit – nirvana
bang bang – nancy sinatra
doll skin – the toadies
angel – jimi hendrix
… now i have to admit, i pulled out a bunch of random covers at this point.. i think.. and they weren’t in my book in order, i pulled them from the back so i don’t quite remember the exact order from here on out…
say it ain’t so – weezer
fly me to the moon – um.. whoever, i forget and it’s late i don’t want to look it up.
the world is full of bastards – mary prankster
people are strange – the doors
only anarchists are pretty – world/inferno friendship society
heart shaped box – nirvana
mercedes benz – janis joplin

and i’m only going to share this next tidbit with you, not because i’m trying to show off, but mostly because i didn’t think i was going to be able to pull it off with the way my allergies have been kicking my butt for the past two plus weeks – i sang mercedes benz sans guitar.. and sans microphone. first i was like, you know what, no guitar. there’s no guitar on the original recording, i can do it with the guitar, but no. then half way through something like the first or maybe teh second verse of the song i was like, ugh, forget it. turned the mic off, put it down, and belted it all out the rest of the way.

i’m just really happy i didn’t suck, but apparantly, i was something like on top of my game tonight.

so who wants to book me? i’ve got no more planned gigs til MAYBE august, definitely sometime in the fall. any coffeehouses or restaurants out there need some background music for a few hours from a girl who’s happy to pick up a random gig from time to time for snackies on the house and a tip jar?