Practice Tracks

Hello Students!

If you’re here at this page it’s probably because I specifically sent you here. ¬†So! ¬†Thanks for listening to me! There are a lot of playlists on this page, if you know where you need to go, just click on the link to get there:
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Here’s a short and sweet playlist of some songs you should know. Any student from ACS or PACS that is interested in joining Show Choir (6th – 8th grade) or Chapel Choir (6th – 8th grade) will need to audition with Dona Nobis Pacem. It doesn’t need to be memorized, but you should try! Students from both schools WILL have to memorize the Star Spangled Banner (it’s your patriotic duty!) and students from ACS will additionally need to memorize the Ukrainian national anthem, Shche Ne Vmerla. The lyrics for Shche ne Vmerla are below, for anyone from anywhere who would like to learn it.

Shche ne vmerla Ukrayiny i slava, i volya,
Shche nam, brattia ukraintsi, usmikhnet’sia dolia.
Z-hynut’ nashi vorizhen’ky, yak rosa na sontsi,
Zapanuyem i my, brattia, u svoyiy storontsi.

||: Dushu y tilo my polozhym za nashu svobodu,
I pokazhem, shcho my, brattia, kozats’koho rodu! :||

Show Choir


We’re doing Ragtime over at PACS! Students, here is a whole playlist of songs for you to work with. The first set of songs includes the orchestra plus vocals. The second set of songs are just the instrumental tracks we’ll use with performance. Finally, there are tracks at the end that are just the vocal parts for you to listen to. My suggestion is to practice with the first set until you’re comfortable, then practice with the second set.

If for whatever reason this playlist doesn’t load, try going directly to this link.