I was a busy little bee

(fun – and short – story: the title of this entry was almost “i was a busy little beet.”  you’re wondering why i didn’t keep it, and honestly, so am i office 2016 für mac downloaden. the end.)

A new feature that I wanted to add to my blog this school year was sharing more links.  I read a TON of blogs (though I already know I will probably only be sharing links to articles from only a handful) and want to share some of what I read musiken programme.  My blogs are from all over the place, but I am going to try and pull them all back somehow to being creative, or being musical, or being with kids.  I hope you’ll indulge me, and I hope you’ll find these articles as interesting as I do anwb routeen.

There are a few articles, however, that I want to kick September off with.  One I had actually already read a few months ago, and then I stumbled onto it again herunterladen.  How to Escape the Cult of Busy.  (see how I used the word “busy” in my title herunterladen?  i’m ironic.)

This article, when I first read it, instantly struck a chord.  I so often just say that I am busy and leave it at that.  I don’t try and out-busy other people, and I am not just saying, ‘oh, I’m busy,’ to blow people off, though I am, more often than not, legitimately busy full version for free tuneup.  Sometimes I just try not to get into it because I don’t want to explain my job and random hours, and feel a little awkward telling my friends about children they’ll never meet, unless something truly exceptional and awesome has happened wifi hacker herunterladen.  So it’s just easy to say that I’m busy.

But am I?  My work hours really are very random, so I probably have the same amount of free time as everyone else does, just in variously sized chunks spread out over my week downloaden van nlziet.  It just seems like I’m busy because, oh, I technically have four jobs (if you don’t count being awesome, then i have five).  But my four jobs only bring me to about 50 hours worth of work each week, so I’m not really that much more busy than anyone else private tax 2018 zürich.  So this year I’ve decided to stop saying I’m busy.  I’m not busy.  At least, I’m no more busy than anyone else is.

Which brings me to these next two article herunterladen.

Please Stop Complaining about how Busy You Are and also Busy is the new Lazy.

Please.  Everyone is busy.  It’s not just you.  If you’re lucky enough to have a job, then you’re just as busy as the rest of us (and I have a few friends who are unemployed at the moment, and they seem to be legitimately busy as well).  Maybe you are really busy.  But try to put it into perspective.  You know who’s really busy?  The president.  Are you as busy as he is right now?  Oh, you’re not?  That’s what I thought.  I don’t mean to be snarky about it, but I think a little perspective is in order.

Maybe you only seem really busy because you’re giving yourself reason to be busy.  Remember “busy work” from grade school?  Maybe you are giving it to yourself.  Maybe you should follow the tips in this article to figure out what you need to stop doing so you can be less stressed out at your job and in your life.  And if you think you’re really stressed out, then you should stop what you’re doing and read this article over at Lifehacker because while I am sure you know that stress is not a good thing, I’m not sure if you knew exactly how stress affected your body, and of course it’s not in a good way.

So hopefully this year you can be less “busy” and focus on getting better work done.  This is my wish for *myself* as well as for all of you out there.  And one last link for you all, what to do in some of the time you’ll be freeing up from your schedule: Nap.  The world could use some more naps.