Mwish No. 2

What’s a mwish?? It’s like, you know, a wish, but better, because there’s usually music in it! In addition to practicing, I need to think about what I need from my practicing (or my music in general) before I get to the bench speedphone 51 klingeltöne herunterladen. So that when I get there (or wherever else I need to be) I will be better prepared to totally rock it out.

This week I am embarking on week two of what I would consider my re-entry into the school year.  For some teachers, the school year just starts.  There may be a week or two of meetings and room preparation, but then, all of a sudden, the students are there and BAM school has started herunterladen.

But for myself, it’s a little different.  Last week I started teaching at the studio.  This week I will begin with my private students.  Next week it’s back to my elementary school.  I am easing my way into the deep end by wading myself in through the shallow instead of just going for that cannon ball jump.  I don’t mind herunterladen.

Over on my other blog, you can read up on the shiva nata challenge I’ve been doing.  Basically, I am challenging myself to do shiva nata every single day, and I am focusing (thinking, brainstorming and journaling) on my enthusiasm for the school year, and maintaining a certain level of focus, organization and enthusiasm through the whole school year herunterladen.

So my mwish for this week is for continued focus.  I feel like the frame of mind I am in with my students for the rest of the month can really set the tone for how the entire rest of the year goes – no pressure or anything, right – so staying on top of my game especially this week and next week is uber important herunterladen!

Specifically, though, I am mwishing I finish my list this week.  I don’t really know what to call it.  It’s sort of a lesson plan, but mostly a checklist I have been working on since last week where I am writing down all the things to review with my students.  All of my students so far are returning students, or transfers, so essentially, they already know quite a bit about music.  This check list that I am making is a way for me to make sure that I review everything possible in the most logical order possible… which is sometimes a little harder to figure out than one might think windows 7 service pack 2 kostenlosen!

So this week I am mwishing for order and organization, continued enthusiasm, focus, and, as always, boatloads of patience.

Audience Participation Time
What are you mwishing for this week?  What are you getting back into?  What new and fun things might you be starting herunterladen?