Ukrainian Confections

I simply have to start documenting some of the sweets that we have been eating.  American desserts have absolutely nothing on Ukrainian desserts.  This is a post I’ll hopefully be getting back to to post more pictures as the week goes on.

First of all, our day starts at the hospital kind of slowly.  While patients may still be getting prepped for surgery, our surgeon, Chris and anesthesiologists Ignacio and Diana can still be found hanging around the unit.  Also, since the patients are pretty stable, sometimes the nurses have very little to do (or the overnight nurses haven’t left yet).  Between us and the local staff, there are always at least two or three people in the lounge area.

It's a marsh, marsh, marshmallow world!

Accordingly, Tanya, who is maybe the most amazing Ukrainian cook I have ever had the pleasure of knowing (and eating her creations),  sets out a plate of something sweet to accompany our morning coffee or tea.  The other morning, we had this plate of chocolate covered marshmallow something or other, and this whole other marshmallow creation that had jelly in the middle of it.