Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

a lot of my students, my little little kids, will try and tell me, practice makes perfect, right? and i have to correct them and tell them, no herunterladen. perfect practice makes perfect.

and they’re like, what?

and i have to explain to them, that, hey, what happens if you practice a mistake ten times in a row spiele kostenlos downloaden für kinder? then you can play that mistake perfectly. if you want to play something correctly, you need to play it correctly every time.

and i’ve slowly been coming to the realization that as a teacher of small children, not only do i need to teach them how to play, but also i need to teach them how to practice billard app kostenlos downloaden. i mean, it’s one of those things that i guess i’ve always known and been aware of, in my years of teaching – not that there are really a lot of them, but still – but i’ve only just recently put it into words herunterladen.

i started to think about it hardcore after one of the other piano teachers at the studio (and this woman is amazing and just got her doctorate in piano performance) kicked a student out basically because he wasn’t practicing, and this was one of her more advanced students pictures autumn for free. she was saying that her lessons with him were more like guided practice sessions, and at his stage in the game, she shouldn’t be in there showing him how to practice, because that’s simply not her job watts up herunterladen. he should know by now.

so that’s when i started to think about it. who’s job is it? what stage of the game is right for learning not just what to practice, but how wie android sprachen herunterladen. oh wait, i thought to myself, it’s my job.

don’t get me wrong, i had long ago established myself as a big supporter of the metronome, and of fixing silly mistakes, and of redefining what it means to rush trainingsplan zumen.

a silly mistake, by the way, is a mistake that as soon as you make it, you fix it. if you knew enough to immediately recognize it as a mistake, why’d you do it in the first place checklist for wedding to download? that’s the silly part.

rushing (don’t be rushin’! i hate russians! just kidding) is defined as playing ANYTHING faster than you can play it correctly herunterladen. i hate rushing, probably more than i hate bach (and remember, bach is ok with this. we’ve reached an understanding).

i also do a lot of other stuff with the kids that i think are kind of unique to my teaching style – there’s the list of things you cannot say (things like “i can’t” “this is too hard” “i always do that” and the like), things you can say (positive versions of all the things you can’t say, “I can” etc etc), post-its with reminders on the piano, weird analogies involving everything from basketball and ballet to elephants and swans, all my teaching posters, the triangle and square, don’t forget the duckies, whos population has been diminished considerably because lou started to get annoyed, and the zero-gravity field that envelopes the keyboard, and our little piano playing bubbles.

i do a lot of really random things in my room, but i think kids need that kind of approach. they’re not stubborn old adults yet, who have spent years learning and studying and if they haven’t completely turned off their learning mechanism by the time they decide, hey, i want to pick up an instrument, then they’ve probably fallen into one or two patterns of learning styles that either are or are not conducive to learning an instrument. kids on the other hand, are just so new and open to everything that you have to be prepared to come at them with anything, because if one way doesn’t work, you have to be prepared with another way that will… and i have never ever found that simply playing something over.. and over.. and over again, without any direction or guidance, without a metronome, without focus, ever got any kid anywhere. practice doesn’t make perfect. perfect practice makes perfect.

and that concludes my rant for the day. i didn’t even think i could be this cognizant and critical this early in the morning. i haven’t even had my coffee yet!