The MissMart

Mostly this page is going to be full of music I have arranged for my students but scroll down for some other neat and inspiring things as well!



Truthbombs are a lovely and solid little block of love and inspiration created by Danielle LaPorte.  These cards sit on my dresser and every few days I pull out a new card to inspire myself.  I have never once been let down by their uplifting messages!  I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I have – if you are interested in purchasing them, click on the picture to be taken to Danielle’s site.



product-joy-1Why scribble on yourself when you can get a temporary tattoo to do it in a much nicer fashion?   Danielle LaPorte has an entire line of inspiring and awesome tattoos.. Sacred geometry like the Metatron’s Cube, Flower of Life and Vesica Piscis, the Brave Love insignia, and Core Desired Feelings like Radiance, Playful, Passion, Grace, Magic, Flow, Creative, Courage, Authentic, Blissful and more.  Have a little funky fun and remind yourself of the feelings that drive you all at the same time.  Click the image to shop all the tattoos she has to offer!