Returning Student Fall Scheduling

Hello parents! I know it seems like it’s just too early to think about the fall, but really, it’s not. Especially not this year.  Going into last year I only had about a dozen students on my schedule.  This year I have over double that number.  Everyone always asks me, “How do you do it?” in regards to my schedule and I have to admit – I’m not quite sure.  All I know is that it happens.  Hopefully, with some schedule reworking, we can all make that happen a lot more smoothly.

Please fill out the below “Returning Student Info Form”.  Please share with me as much scheduling information as possible including the best possible times for me to come over and the worst possible times.  Please try to consider all the things your child participates in, especially when it comes to winter or spring sports.  Once the school year gets underway, it might be difficult to switch your spot.

ALL RETURNING STUDENTS MUST  FILL OUT THIS FORM (yes, even if you are not 100% sure of your schedule).  If I do not receive this form by August 13, I cannot guarantee your spot in the fall. I will be finalizing the schedule between August 13 and 27, so if I have not already reached out to you to confirm your time for the fall, you can expect to hear from me then.

Fall Registration for Returning One-on-One Students
  • lessie mahler

    Fantastic writing ! I Appreciate the specifics , Does someone know where my assistant might be able to obtain a template a form document to fill in ?

  • LauricevValiere

    Hello lessie mahler . my partner found a template UK UKM version at this site