Parents and Students!

Let me tell you about Practicia.  Practicia is a ground breaking app (currently only available for Apple products, though they are currently working on the Android version) that allows students to safely, securely and privately share their practice sessions with their teacher in between lessons.  There are a number of benefits to an app like this:

  1. I can provide multimedia instruction on assignments, including pictures and videos for reference.
  2. I get alerted every time you practice – it’s one of my favorite notifications!
  3. I can provide feedback throughout the week. Students can ask questions by sending me an audio or video recording.
  4. Automated rewards and rankings will motivate students to practice more.
  5. I can get insight into exactly what and exactly how long my students are practicing.
  6. We can communicate privately and securely – no one has access to the video, audio or text but you and me.
  7. Students can objectively listen to and watch their own performances – a very important skill to develop.
  8. In the event of a canceled lesson due to illness or weather, I will still be able to hear your child’s playing – it does not replace a physical lesson, but it will help to bridge the gap until the next time I see them.

To start using Practicia, the parents of younger students, or older students themselves, must first go to their website at to sign up.  If you’re creating a parent account, you  can then create accounts for your child (or multiple!) which you will then be able to monitor.  From the website you will also need to sign up with me.  Search for me using my full name or my email

Next, you can download the app from the app store.  You and your child will have separate logins.  If you are using an iPod or iPad, you will have to specify that you are searching for an iPhone app.  They did not create a separate iPad version, but the iPhone version of the app will work just fine.

Once I have accepted you as a student on my roster, I can set up assignments for you to start practicing.  At our lesson, I will go over with your child how the app works (if you are the parent of a young child, feel free to sit in so you know how it works, too!).

I have been using this app with many of my students for a few months now to great success.  I can’t wait to continue using it with my whole studio.  Only great things will happen!