Music journal: Wishful Thinking

The music text books I teach with have journaling prompts in the middle school editions. I thought they would be fun to share here.  

“If I were in charge of my school, what ensembles would I add? Why? How?”

Of course, that first part is easy enough to answer. It’s the why and the how that will get you everytime! The answer to why is of course going to be based on your own personal reasons and could include practically anything. The answer to how, on the other hand, is asking about logistics, of course. Where would the ensemble meet? How would you get kids involved? How would you get whatever resources you needed to get to have this ensemble meet?  How.. It’s just one word but it is the meat of your answer. 

Well written proposals will be brought to the principal and implemented pending approval. JUST KIDDING! Although a kazoo orchestra does sound kind of fun. 

Feel free to answer this week’s question in the comments. I’ll be adding my answer soon!