Back to School

Hello September, I missed you!

As much as I love my summers, there is just something so invigorating about September with the enthusiasm of back to school time, the prospect of cooler weather and of course the occasional pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks!

I am very happy to be back with my school families and am so thrilled for the enthusiasm that my students have met me with! September is always a great time to be alive.

Here are a few notes for all my parents, and things to look out for…

At ACS, students in fifth grade and up, and at PACS students in seventh and eighth grade will be coming home in a few weeks with their school recorders! This is a great way for me to teach them about music fundamentals, and prepares students who may be interested in joining band when they get to high school (there are no recorders in band but students will need to know things about phrasing and breath support, not to mention they’ll need to know how to read music).

Chapel choir and Show choir permission slips have already gone home. Chapel choir forms are due to me by September 18, with rehearsals starting on the 25th, and Show choir forms are due September 21, with our first rehearsal on October 2. I’m very excited for the Show choir’s April show already, and I am working on “on the road” performance opportunities for both my choirs.

At PACS if we haven’t already, we will soon be delving into our books and traveling all across the world of music. I plan to use books every week from 1st grade up to 8th so be sure to ask your child what they did, learned, listened to, sang or even danced to! I am at the primary school on Tuesdays and the upper school on Fridays.

At ACS, while they are not actually my own after school groups, I do have to give a shout out to the Glee club and Chimes groups. Glee is for 3-5 graders, and Chimes is for 6-8 graders. With the purchase of our new chimes set last school year, I expect that group to grow especially this year, as the new set of chimes we have is one of the most beautiful and unique instruments I have ever heard.

I always say this, but this year I really promise to do more blogging and updating on all of our various projects, groups and music activities, so stay tuned to this spot!