Music Mission 5: How does it work?

This post is part of a series of posts for my school and one-on-one students.  My original post explaining this whole series can be found here.  If you have questions or comments about this mission, please leave a comment on this page and let’s talk about it!

Sure, you can probably guess how a piano works, but I mean, really, how does it work?  What happens on the inside when you press a key down?  FIND OUT!

You may research any of the following instruments:

acoustic piano
electric guitar
human voice

For this music mission, research how any of the following instruments work and create sound.  Describe to me in a step by step process how the sound is actually created.  An example paper would like something like this:

How sound is created on an acoustic guitar

1. pluck a string.
2. the string’s vibrations transfer to the saddle.
3. the vibration then transfers to the guitar’s sound board.
4. the sound board and body amplify the sound.
5. the sound comes out the sound hole.

You may include a diagram (whether hand drawn or printed from the internet) of how the sound is created on your instrument.

To do research for this Music Mission, you can easily search the internet.  The first one or two returns on your search should answer your questions.  You may also wish to watch videos on the subject as well, to see the process of creating sound in action.

Questions?  Problems?  Suggestions?  Please, let me know in the comments!