They Cancelled Each Other Out

played tumulty’s last night and by all accounts i rocked. an awesome time was had by all, except for me.

killer headache. sang a lot with my eyes closed because it felt like depriving myself of one of my senses would somehow make it more bearable.

the crappiness of a headache (so bad my teeth hurt) is that it was awesome to play for the group that came out. a bunch of my friends and also my parents, and one of my uncles, and a couple of cousins. being an only child really makes me appreciate my cousins more, and it was just so cool to see them.

for those of you who missed the fun, here are the set lists:

Blister in the sun – violent femmes
Take on Me – a-ha
At Last – etta james
Jane Says – jane’s addiction
When Doves Cry – prince
Chervona Ruta – vasyl ivasiuk
The World is Full of Bastards – mary prankster

Roadhouse Blues – the doors
Me and Bobby McGee – janis joplin
Can’t Help Falling in Love – ub40
Kiss Off – violent femmes
Freebird – lynyrd skynyrd
Say it Ain’t So – weezer
Dream a Little Dream of Me – ella fitzgerald

I also shared a few stories about my trip to Ukraine, which, of course, will end up here at some point. I don’t have any plans for this evening except to sit at home and do nothing (maybe i’ll zone out and play sims 2 for, like, six or seven hours), so I’ll try and write a bit then.