Sit Back and let the Soda Flow

so you know how, like, everyone has at least one friend who is obsessed with led zeppelin, or one friend who is obsessed with nirvana, or one friend who is obsessed with marilyn manson, or whatever? well, my mother is the token friend who is obsessed with the beatles. i’m sure i know people who are more obsessed with the beatles than she, but, well, she lives with me. i see her on a regular basis. and she really really really really really likes the beatles, and has since they came out.

so tonight im out at buddie’s in sayreville/parlin (i never quite remember exactly which town and they’re right next door to each other anyway) and mean mr. mustard plays over the PA inbetween bands, followed immediately by polythene pam. and i was thinking, those songs flowed right from one to the other, they must be off the same album.

now, granted, it’s late. i don’t even know why my mother is still awake, let alone answering the text messages i send her asking which album that’s off of. my mother, in her over-tired delirium answers, “hmmmm dr pepper”

i come home and ask her to rethink the last text she sent me and she rolls back the video tape… smacks her hand to her forehead and exclaims, “DR PEPPER?! I must be tired.”

oh my mother.

and on top of that, it isn’t even ON sgt pepper! clearly she’s slipping.