Setlist – June 16

i got in my car earlier in the day and the ALBUM VERSION of “light my fire” was playing. not the single version. the album version. with all the solos. i took it as a good sign. and like i said to jeremy last night, “people who were not obligated to tell me i was awesome, told me i was awesome.” so i guess i didn’t stink. here’s what i played.

roadhouse blues – the doors
smells like teen spirit – nirvana
angel – jimi hendrix
me and bobby mcgee – janis joplin
break on through – the doors
the wind cries mary – jimi hendrix
…… here i was going to play heart shaped box but gerry gave me the ‘last song’ signal. it’s just as well. chuck got kind of violently angry when i told him i’d be playing it, so skipping it was a good thing. skinny guys fight til their burger. 88|
mercedes benz – janis joplin

afterwards we went to court tavern (harvest moon may have some nice beers but i do loves me some guinness and court has it!) and they had VH1 classic on. The program that was on? All about janis joplin. We all agreed I was cooler, but probably because I’m still alive, and she’s not.