May 22 Set List – 27 Club Tribute

so in case i hadn’t said it about a billion times, the show i just played this evening was in honor of all the musicians who were famous and dead by the time they reached the age i just turned. IE – jimi hendrix, janis joplin, jim morrison and kurt cobain. there are others, yes, but those are the big ones. so here’s my set.

roadhouse blues – the doors
me and bobby mcgee – janis joplin
take on me – a-ha
the wind cries mary – jimi hendrix
pennyroyal tea – nirvana
kiss off – violent femmes
break on through – the doors
smells like teen spirit – nirvana
bang bang – nancy sinatra
doll skin – the toadies
angel – jimi hendrix
… now i have to admit, i pulled out a bunch of random covers at this point.. i think.. and they weren’t in my book in order, i pulled them from the back so i don’t quite remember the exact order from here on out…
say it ain’t so – weezer
fly me to the moon – um.. whoever, i forget and it’s late i don’t want to look it up.
the world is full of bastards – mary prankster
people are strange – the doors
only anarchists are pretty – world/inferno friendship society
heart shaped box – nirvana
mercedes benz – janis joplin

and i’m only going to share this next tidbit with you, not because i’m trying to show off, but mostly because i didn’t think i was going to be able to pull it off with the way my allergies have been kicking my butt for the past two plus weeks – i sang mercedes benz sans guitar.. and sans microphone. first i was like, you know what, no guitar. there’s no guitar on the original recording, i can do it with the guitar, but no. then half way through something like the first or maybe teh second verse of the song i was like, ugh, forget it. turned the mic off, put it down, and belted it all out the rest of the way.

i’m just really happy i didn’t suck, but apparantly, i was something like on top of my game tonight.

so who wants to book me? i’ve got no more planned gigs til MAYBE august, definitely sometime in the fall. any coffeehouses or restaurants out there need some background music for a few hours from a girl who’s happy to pick up a random gig from time to time for snackies on the house and a tip jar?